Information for readers from LA:
Gallery Nucleus in LA presents Poster Peepshow celebrating the art of the pin up girl while showcasing notable contributors to the genre including Rolf Armstrong, Al Buell, and contemporary artist Olivia De Berardinis.

pin up girl

“Poster Peepshow” celebrates the pin up girl by featuring original artwork by contemporary artists and pays homage to pin up masters such as George Petty, Gil Elvgren, and Alberto Vargas. Over the past decade it has become impossible to ignore the growing popularity to recapture the nostalgia of pin up glamour.

VINTAGE PIN UP ARTISTS (rarely seen originals by pin up masters on display):
Art Frahm
Rolf Armstrong
K.O. Munson
Al Moore
Al Buell

Nathan Cabrera
Marcelo Daldolce
Olivia De Berardinis
Craig Elliott
Jenny Gase-Baker
Keron Grant
Shane Glines
Oren Haskins
Brian Kesinger
Lawrence Noble
Ryuichi Ogino
Bill Presing
Rockin’ Jelly Bean
Robh Ruppel
Marguerite Sauvage
Jim Silke
Francis Vallejo
Barnaby Ward
Dean Yeagle

Poster Peepshow: The Art of the Pin Up
February 5 – February 28
Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 5, 7 to 11pm
Open to the public, free admission, complimentary refreshments
Ages 18+ only
More details including full roster:

210 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801