José Luiz Benicio or simply Benicio, as he is well-known, is an Brazilian illustrator from Rio Pardo, Rio Grande do Sul.

Jose Luiz Benicio

Benicio started his carreer when he was 16 at Clarin Publicidade, that was in 1953. After that he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he joined Maccann Erickon Publicidade working for big names such as Coca-cola. Benicio became really popular in the movies industry in which he design over 300 posters, especially in the 70’s.
Besides posters Benicio has a series of Pin-ups, pocket-books and other sorts of illustration projects.

modern pin up girl art Jose Luiz Benicio
Jose Luiz Benicio brasilian pin up girls modern pin up girl
modern pin up Jose Luiz Benicio art

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